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Frequently asked questions

1. What is interim management?
The provision of additional or complementary management resources where and when they are needed.
2. Who are interim managers?
They are experienced hands-on executives and managers with proven track records. They are not 'has beens', nor are they 'between jobs'.
3. When am I likely to need an interim manager?
The need to use an interim manager can occur at any time when additional management expertise is required:
  • for a growing company, startup or close down
  • to improve a company's performance
  • to 'hold the fort' during the recruitment of a new manager
  • when there is an excessive workload, backlog or an unexpected increase in business.
  • to build up new business in emerging markets.
4. At what level do interim managers operate?
All executive and management levels from Chairman to line manager.
5. Surely the interim manager will need weeks to get to know my business?
An Interim manager is selected for a client because s/he knows the client's industry and has the skills to be effective from day one.
6. How much does an interim manager cost?
This depends on the management skills and experience required. However, the cost is comparable with the total cost of employing a permanent manager, taking account of all employee costs such as
  • National Insurance
  • pensions
  • health insurance
  • company car
  • payroll costs
  • relocation costs, etc.
7. Can a small company afford to use interim management?
Because of the way in which they have developed, small companies often lack management skills in one or more disciplines.

For example, a company founded on a technical idea may have development, engineering and production skills, but lack marketing and financial expertise. It may be difficult to justify employing full-time marketing and finance managers. The requirement for expertise may be on an 'as and when needed' basis, perhaps one or two days a week.

8. How do I know I have the right person?
Interim Management will choose and approve two or three candidates with the expertise and ability to meet your needs. It will be up to you to choose which of them best suits your requirements.
9. How will using an interim manager affect the permanent staff?
Experience shows that interim managers are made welcome for a number of reasons:
  • they bring skills and experience to the company
  • their appointment is a positive management decision
  • they are temporary and therefore not a threat.
10. If interim managers are so good, why are they not in permanent employment?
Interim managers have chosen interim management as a career. They like the challenge, variety, flexibility, risk and reward that it offers.
11. What if I want to offer an interim manager a permanent position?
Very few interim managers are interested in a permanent job. However, there are always exceptions. Discuss it with Interim Management. A recruitment fee will be charged if an appointment is made. This will have been agreed as part of the Interim contract with you.
12. What happens when the job is completed?
The contract comes to an end and there are not any termination costs. You may need further help in the future or need a monitoring service. Interim Management managers are always available to provide this when required.
13. What if an interim manager turns out to be unsatisfactory?
Interim Management will change the interim manager with your approval.
14. How can I be sure that interim managers are reliable?
We interview, take references, make other checkups and approve all interim managers ourselves.
15. What is the difference between interim managers and management consultants?
Interim managers are doers. They are 'hands-on' managers employed to do specific management tasks. Management consultants are advisors. They make recommendations.
16. Who uses interim management?
All companies, from major global groups to small family-owned businesses.
17. Where can I obtain an interim manager?
At Interim Management, we can give you all of the professional help and advice you need.
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