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Why use our Interim Management Services?
  • Flexible managers who are available immediately within ten working days of deciding to proceed, and with the minimum of recruitment or termination formalities.
  • Insightful and effective managers. Achieves rapid results. Interim managers are over-skilled for the job and focus on realizing results. Expert knowledge, the interim manager provides the required skills and a fresh insight.
  • Cost-effective solution. The client only pays for days worked. There are no additional costs to you for National Insurance, Pension, Holidays, Sickness, recruitment fee or termination.
  • Enhances the management team. An interim manager will bring a very experienced external view and will transfer a huge amount of skill and experience to your team. Professionals with excellent project management skills and objective viewpoint.
  • Changes can be implement. Gaps filled. Projects managed. An interim manager will develop much more than just recommendations, he or she will take full ownership and responsibility for the implementation.
  • Improves focus. Clear definition of key milestones, regular progress reports and measurement of performance.
  • Supporting network. To ensure success it is our policy to provide a significant level of over-skill in the selection of an Interim Manager combined with access to vital supporting networks.
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