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The growing demand for Interim Managers is being driven by the need among organisations for additional, qualified, experienced support during times of great change. Over the last few years' interest in Interim Management has grown considerably. More businesses are using Interim Managers. More senior executives are becoming Interim Managers.

Using bridging managers as part of your re-sourcing strategy allows you to improve your organizations' flexibility and ability to move quickly. Most companies have yet to discover Interim Management and the very real benefits to be gained from the appropriate use of Temporary Executives or Interim Managers.

ProMan Interim provides experienced senior managers and directors to fulfil a specific management role on a short-term basis, typically for 3 to 24 months. In short, Interim managers can be used to manage any process of growth or change in the life of a company that needs specialist skills and experience. Interim managers often prove to be the most cost- effective way of filling unexpected vacancies or managing short-term projects.

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